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Stem Cell Therapy For Me

At Native Stem Cell, our doctors and staff are able to harvest stem cells from a patient’s own bone marrow and process these cells at our facility.

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Stem cell therapies are undergoing immense growth. Multiple diseases and conditions are currently being treated using stem cells and musculoskeletal conditions are at the forefront of this growing field. At Native Stem Cell, our doctors and staff are able to harvest stem cells from a patient’s own bone marrow and process these cells at our facility. The stem cells are then applied to the area of injury in a nearly painless, minimally invasive procedure. Patient satisfaction has been very high with this technique.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the key to replenishing cells and repairing tissue. In adult tissues such as bone, muscle, or joint cartilage, stem cells act as an internal repair system, replenishing through prolific cell division.

Stem cells harvested from a patient are able to differentiate and take on a specific function. In the case of damaged joints, these cells transform to generate a supply of new cartilage cells that repair damaged joints.

Why Native?

Native stem cells are cells from your own body. Other stem cell therapies use cells from unknown sources which are kept frozen in labs. Native Stem Cell extracts and processes your own body’s most potent healing cells, your native stem cells, using expert technique and technology in a single, nearly painless procedure that lasts less than an hour.

How does arthritis treatment with Stem Cell Therapy work?

The beauty of stem cell therapy is that it naturally enhances the body’s regenerative processes. Our procedure takes pre-existing stem cells from your bone marrow and re-injects them into the affected site to induce musculoskeletal healing.

Your bone marrow contains reserves of stem cells in case of tissue injury. Stem cell therapy painlessly harvests this bone marrow with a minimally invasive procedure. The bone marrow is sterilely processed to a stem cell concentrate and the desired stem cell concentrate is then injected into the tissue site. The stem cells attach to the injured tissue, grow, and differentiate to stimulate tissue repair.

What are the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

Many patients avoid joint replacement surgery for as long as possible because of the lengthy recovery time and potential complications that can arise from it. Surgery is not your only option! Stem cell therapy benefits includes:

Avoid Surgery | Short Recovery Time | Minimally Invasive
Pain-free Procedure | Restore Lifestyle

Who will benefit from arthritis treatment with Stem Cell Therapy?

The procedure primarily benefits patients with arthritis of the knee. Other conditions such as torn cartilage, torn meniscus, or torn ligament (ACL,PCL,MCL) are not expected to benefit. If these conditions exist together with arthritis or cartilage loss it would be preferable to have those surgically addressed first. Subsequently, stem cell treatment could be performed. Hip, shoulder, ankle, and other joints can be considered for treatment as well. The procedure varies slightly for those joints.

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