Dr. Crawford and his team are tremendous. I’ve suffered with chronic shoulder pain for years. I was told by another Orthopedic Surgeon that my only hope for relief with my issue was a shoulder replacement. I found Dr. Crawford and Native Stem Cell and was very fortunate to do so. He reviewed my MRI and X-Rays and believed that his proprietary ReVivaStem procedure could greatly improve my condition. The procedure was virtually pain free and extremely tolerable. I walked out under my own power and was back to work and normal activities the next day. I am improving by the week and happy to be sleeping through the night and feeling like myself again. Don’t be mislead by other providers. Dr. Crawford is an expert in this field. He could have simply did my surgery and replaced the shoulder. My investment after insurance, had I done so, would be greater than the cost to have the injection done and I didn’t have to endure any long term and painful physical therapy. I would encourage anyone and everyone living with daily discomfort of the knee, hip or shoulders to invest the time to speak with Dr. Crawford. An outstanding professional and caring surgeon.

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