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Before Your Consult

At your initial consult, we want to make sure we have all the available info and that you are fully informed about the process so we can help guide you to the best treatment for your conditions. You and Dr. Crawford, a Beaumont doctor, will be weighing many factors including the various treatment options, cost, risk and expected results. With that in mind, please review the suggestions below and remember if you have any questions, give our friendly staff a call and they will gladly help!


We would like to see any recent x-rays, MRIs or other imaging you have had done on the areas we may be treating. X-rays are the gold standard for visualizing arthritis, and we’d like for you to bring the images on CD or film. For MRIs, a report is fine and you can obtain this or let our staff know where you had the MRIs done and we will obtain them.

If you haven’t had x-rays, we recommend you have your primary care physician or another physician perform x-rays for you to bring to your appointment.

Sometimes, Dr. Crawford may believe additional imaging is necessary before we decide the best treatment for your condition. In these instances, he will order the tests and we will set a follow up appointment to go over the results. While no one wants extra delay, this is one of the many advantages in going with an orthopedic surgeon who understands the many factors at play and will make sure the treatment you receive is right for your injury or condition.

Our Process

We recommend you read through the Our Process page on this website to learn exactly what to expect every step of the way if you decide to have a stem cell injection. Everyone’s journey is different, but we take a team approach to your healing.

Price and Payment

We know that price is a big part of the equation when it comes to making the decision to have a stem cell injection and we try to be as transparent as possible from the beginning. Our staff can answer any questions on price and payment, and don’t forget, the initial consultation is always free! Please also review our Pricing and Payment page for payment options and info on payment plans.

Other Resources

We provide other information throughout the site and specifically under the Patient Resources section. To see answers to questions we’re frequently asked by patients, visit our FAQ page. You can also see testimonials from patients on our Testimonials page. And of course, we have great, well-trained staff who can get answers to all your questions by phone.

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