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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is regenerative medicine. The body regrows or repairs tissue using stem cells injected at the site of disease.

At Native Stem Cell Clinics, our treatment regimen is centered around the use of your stem cells from your body, specifically stem cells extracted from your bone marrow.

With ReVivaStem® — our exclusive stem-cell injection therapy procedure — you can replace lost cartilage in your knee, hip or shoulder using the healing power of your own body.

Control and even reverse the damage of arthritis with ReVivaStem®.

Stem Cell Injection Therapy (BMAC)

As “unspecialized” cells, stem cells have the ability to develop into many different cell types in the body, including cartilage, which makes stem cell therapy the most promising treatment for many types of disease, including arthritis.

Stem cells are present in all of us. They have the ability to self-renew or differentiate. They’re continually replacing our other cells as they die off.

Stem cells can be found in the body’s fat tissue, bone and blood — but they are especially concentrated in bone marrow, where blood cells are made.

ReVivaStem® uses stem cells from bone marrow. This is known as bone-marrow aspirate concentrate, or BMAC. It is distinct from other less effective stem cell therapies.


BMAC stem cell injections — as opposed to stem cell injections from adipose (fat) tissue or from donated amniotic or placental tissue — are shown to be the most likely to help regrow lost cartilage in your joints.

Articular cartilage — the smooth, white tissue that covers the ends of bones in your knees, hips, shoulders and other joints — is called hyaline cartilage.

Hyaline cartilage is unique in its ability to carry the load and stress of repeated, daily use of these joints.

The ability of BMAC stem cells to assist in the formation of new, load-bearing articular cartilage is what sets it apart from other treatments.

Using Stem Cells To Replace Lost Cartilage

Our process, ReVivaStem®, starts with bone marrow extraction, during a simple in-office procedure.

The marrow is processed using the highest quality equipment and techniques to yield a highly concentrated dose of stem cells.

Patients who have osteoarthritis of the joints are likely to be able to achieve a high level of pain relief and increased function with a single BMAC stem cell injection in the joint.

After a stem cell therapy injection, stem cells can help regrow cartilage for up to one year.

However, most ReVivaStem® patients begin to notice improvements starting between four and six weeks.

A patient’s age is not a limiting factor with ReVivaStem®. Many arthritis patients choose ReVivaStem® as a joint replacement alternative because it is minimally invasive and does not require a hospital stay or lengthy physical therapy.

Other Types Of Stem Cell Therapy

Other therapies may have some pain-relieving or inflammation-reducing effects for knee pain, shoulder pain or hip pain. But these treatments are not able to provide the lasting, long-term relief long-term relief delivered by ReVivaStem® stem cell therapy for arthritis.

Additionally, the FDA has issued clear guidance that fat-derived stem cells are not to be used in injections into the joints. Clinics and physicians performing these adipose-derived stem cell injections are doing so in violation of the FDA’s guidance.

Likewise, many of the amniotic or placenta based stem cell products are under high scrutiny by the FDA due to misleading and false claims that these products contain live stem cells. In fact, they may contain little more than dead cells and proteins which may have a mild therapeutic benefit, but not lasting relief.

Deciding If ReVivaStem® Is Right For You

Of course, there are many other factors that need to be considered as part of a full treatment regimen, including whether any underlying conditions should be addressed before or in conjunction with a BMAC procedure.

Our orthopedic surgeon and highly trained staff are experts at tailoring the treatment to best suit your condition.

If you are considering joint replacement surgery and looking for alternate solutions, visit one of our Native Stem Cells Clinics to learn more about ReVivaStem®.

Glossary Of Terms

  • BMAC or bone-marrow aspirate concentrate: stem cells extracted from bone marrow
  • Hyaline cartilage: the type of cartilage found in the joints, providing support and flexibility
  • Regenerative medicine: a branch of medicine concerned with developing therapies that regenerate or replace injured, diseased, or defective cells, tissues, or organs to restore or establish function and structure
  • ReVivaStem®: Developed by Native Stem Cell Clinics. Our exclusive stem-cell therapy treatment process that uses your body’s own cells for regenerative medicine
  • Stem cells: “Unspecialized” cells that have the ability to self-renew and to develop into many different cell types in the body
  • Stem cell therapy: the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition
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