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Need A Solution To Joint Replacement Surgery?

Top 10 Reasons You Should Choose Native Stem Cell Clinics

  1. Experience Produces Excellence. You deserve a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon and team that specializes in our unique procedure.
  2. Board Certified, Expert Doctor. Our Medical Director and Orthopedic specialist, Dr. Kevin Crawford, is the founder of Native Stem Cell Clinics and developer of our therapies, including ReVivaStem®.
  3. ReVivaStem®: Developed by Native Stem Cell Clinics. Our exclusive stem-cell therapy treatment process uses your body’s own cells for regenerative medicine.
  4. No One Beats Our Quality And Care. You will receive the highest quality care, from a team of dedicated professionals with the skill, oversight and accountability to make you comfortable.
  5. Affordable And Proven Results. Native Stem Cell procedures produce excellent and lasting results. With our payment plans, treatment is affordable for almost everyone.
  6. You Will Feel Safe. In-office procedures — no hospital stay and no surgery clinic stay. No need to worry because it is proven that you are safer with our procedures than with general anesthesia. At Native Stem Cell Clinics, you will be treated like a VIP.
  7. It Works. At Native Stem Cell Clinics, our patients’ lives have changed due to ReVivaStem®, our proven stem cell therapy technique.
  8. Location Near You. We have three locations in Michigan to serve you: Bloomfield Hills, Grand Rapids and Houghton Lake.
  9. Long Lasting Results. The results are long-lasting to allow you to once again enjoy life to the fullest and plan your future. Get back into the game, and stop sitting on the sidelines!
  10. Authentic.  Our procedures are ONLY available at a certified Native Stem Cell Clinic.


Call 248-918-2875 or fill out the form below to get in touch with us. We’re available to help reduce your arthritis pain today. We have three convenient locations in Michigan to help those in pain.

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